Ben Behrouzi of LeapFish Interviewed by Search Cowboys

Ben Behrouzi, CEO of LeapFish, was interviewed by the Search Cowboys blog last week. It is a deeper discussion of where LeapFish is going and why LeapFish is not just a meta-search engine or another aggegator in a sea of new engines that are appearing on a regular basis.

Ben Behrouzi in a quote to Search Cowboys makes it very clear where he believes search is going and especially where LeapFish is going to focus;

"We live in a time with a very multimedia and sophisticated Internet and we believe its time our search tools function in a similar way. LeapFish is undertaking a progressive and systematic application of advancements and innovations in search over the next several years that empowers users with the ability to access more of the multimedia web as well as interact with the data they find in a whole new way"

Search is heating up with a Microsoft/Yahoo partnership that was just sealed, Twitters new homepage and Google slowly sneaking in new features. Search is also evolving into a fresh, new, real-time and engaging experience for the user.

Read the rest of the interview at the LeapFish Blog
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